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ThryvPay, Marketing Center, and Business Center Updates

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Thryv Pay Self-managed ID Verification 

(Launch Date: 03/11)

**US Accounts Only

New banking regulations may require additional ID verification requirements for some of our ThryvPay merchants. These requirements may involve full SSN, government IDs, or proof of address. Fulfillment of these requirements is due by April 16, 2024​


  • Merchants will be automatically notified of missing requirements by email and via the ThryvPay application upon login.​

  • Merchants will be able to self-manage all of their missing identification requirements in the ThryvPay web application. This includes document uploads or information updates. ​

  • All document uploads pertaining to identity verification will be managed via the Business Information tab in ThryvPay Settings  ​

Problem Solved

For missing identity verification requirements, merchants will be able to resolve the issues themselves!

2. Marketing Center Campaigns Set To Run Continuously By Default

(Launch Date: 03/06)

We are excited to announce an update to Marketing Center campaigns: they will now run continuously by default! Previously, campaigns were scheduled to run for 30 days, requiring users to manually log in to pause them.

With this update, customers no longer need to remember to unpause their campaigns, allowing them to focus on marketing their business without interruptions.​


  • Continuous Marketing: Campaigns will run continuously by default, ensuring ongoing marketing efforts without manual intervention.

  • Time Savings: Eliminates the need to manually unpause and restart campaigns, saving time and effort for users.

3. Business Center Show Working Days Only​​

(Launch Date: 03/12)

We are adding a new display view to the Calendar! This view allows users to customize their calendar display based on their preference for viewing working days or weekends. ​

When "show working days only" is selected, the calendar will hide non-working weekdays but display any available weekend days. ​

​Conversely, selecting "show weekends" will ensure that weekend days are always visible, regardless of availability. These options are available exclusively in week and month formats, offering users flexibility in managing their schedules according to their work or leisure priorities.


  • This view is a great option for businesses that have hours outside of Monday through Friday! It allows users to change their view to only focus on days the business is open or available for bookings. ​

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