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JotForm Integration

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. JotForm Integration Update

(Launch Date: 10/04)

We’ve rebuilt our Jotform and Thryv integration  delivering the following new features:   ​

  • Ability to sync and configure both Contact and Client/Job/Pet/Account and any other customizable fields captured within a Thryv Clients account​

  • Interactive UI/UX allows our Clients to see the data which will sync while mapping the fields to be exchanged​

  • Real time data showing the time and date in which the sync ran for the integration

Incorporating the ability to sync Client fields allows a broader range of information to sync between the applications resulting in a comprehensive contact entry for communications, business records and more!

Clients who currently use the Jotform integration will need to re-install the integration by November 1st . This will allow our current Users to continue to sync forms and create contacts within Thryv  while receiving the new features the integration offers.

Reference our Jotform Support Center article here

Thryv Version 6.18.28

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