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Work Orders Beta

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Work Orders *Beta

(Launch Date: 8/2)

We are launching a beta version of work orders in Business Center. This beta version will solve the immediate need that users have expressed for an outline of work to be completed on a job, that excludes the pricing listed on estimates and invoices. ​

This feature will appear as an option on estimates and invoices. You will be able to select 'View Work Order BETA ' and generate a PDF that includes all the customer information and line items of that estimate or invoice and excludes the pricing details. ​

This solves an immediate need for you and allows us to gather feedback from users to help us refine and enhance the functionality of the work order feature, ensuring it meets their needs. 

Problem Solved

With this feature you will be able to generate a simple PDF that outlines the services and product to be completed on a job, without having to show their pricing. 

Thryv Version 6.17.21

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