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AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Bulk Messaging through Appointment List
(Launch Date: 5/23)

In order to allow quick business engagement with scheduled clients, a new bulk action will be added to the new appointment list page. This action will allow you to select multiple clients on your Appointment List and send them all the same message at the same time. 

  • You will go to the Appointment List page, click on the clients you would like to send a message too, and click the new "Message Client(s)" button at the top.

  • From there you will be able to type a subject line and message and send to those clients at once. 

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Appointment List- Message Clients

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Bulk Message Clients


Here are a few cool new improvements we have releases this week or coming soon up help you use Thryv efficiently. 

1. Display Sync Error 
(Launch Date: 5/13)

As part of our efforts to inform staff members of any sync issues (which may result in double bookings), a new error message will be displayed on top of the staff calendar.

The new message will be displayed for the relevant staff to inform her that the calendar sync is not working and urge her to reconnect to solve the issue.

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Calendar not synced error message

2. New Appointment Dialog- Recurring Meetings
(Launch Date: 5/23)

The new updated screens of the appointment dialog now support recurring meetings. 

  • When creating a new appointment you can it will be defaulted to a non repeating appointment. 

  • If you click the "Does not repeat" button you will have the ability to customize the repetition of the appointment. 

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New Appointment Dialog- Does not repeat

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New Appointment Dialog- Supporting recurring meetings

3. Limitations Removal for Merge Clients
(Launch Date: 6/2)

When we released the merge client feature we released it with a limitation that in case 2 or more of the selected clients have the following activities: Appointments, group events, estimates, invoices, payments, products, packages, we won't enable the merge (the user is presented with a message).

With this release, we will to remove that limitation and enable merging pets, jobs ect... even if they all have these types of activities. 

Note: other existing limitations (Have link to square/Quickbooks/Google reserve OR Have more than 1000 messages OR have more than 1 pets, jobs ect... will remain as now.

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Merging Clients

App Market

Our App Market is continuously growing and improving. Here are a few changes and insights on what applications are live or coming soon. 

1. Smart Data Importer Improvement 
(Launch Date: 5/18)

We have updated the Smart Data Importer App to now import multiple items (pets, jobs etc...) under one Contact.

The initial sync between Thryv and MYOB allows you to create and maintain one single contact list. Going forward, all of your new contacts created in Thryv will continue to sync and update in your MYOB account.

To read more about this app and the new functionality please read the article here

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2. Twilio
(Launch Date: 5/26)

Communicate with customers easier and deliver a complete client experience.

Create contacts for new customers that reach out to you via SMS or on your phone line and reply to them from your Thryv inbox. Follow up on customer conversations, appointments, and requests with conversations stored in your Thryv Inbox.

Stay in contact with old and new customers with Inbox notifications for SMS and inbound calls directly to your Thryv Inbox. Respond to SMS messages sent to your Twilio number and stay on top of appointments and information requests to provide a genuine customer experience for current and potential leads.

Key Benefits: 

  • Stay connected, follow-up on customer conversations and never miss another incoming call with everything stored in your Thryv Inbox.

  • Quickly respond and capture essential details, schedule appointments and continue your conversations in Thryv.

  • Instant notifications and real-time incoming calls and SMS/Text messages delivered to your Thryv Inbox messages.

  • Offer convenience to existing and potential customers to communicate with you where it works for them.

To learn more about this app please read the article here

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3. Ring Central
(Launch Date: 6/7)

Stay connected to your customers no matter where you are.

Get real-time notifications for incoming calls and voicemails and stay on top of appointments, customer requests and day-to-day tasks. Engage customers when they call directly from Thryv and quickly follow up on conversations added to your Thryv Inbox. Utilize imported call details such as contact phone number, timestamp, and caller location to manage all customer communications in Thryv and stay on top of tasks, projects and to-do lists.

Import existing contacts from RingCentral to Thryv and easily organize customer information with tags, customized fields and filters. Organize new contacts using the spam filter to edit contacts' first name, last name, and email prior to releasing the contact to Thryv to keep your CRM organized.

Key Benefits: 

  • Stay organized and on top of client communication with Thryv Inbox notifications for incoming calls and new voicemails from existing customers.

  • Import current contacts, see incoming call logs and call details in Thryv and follow up with customers from one place.

  • Create a genuine client experience with all your customer interactions in one place.

To learn more about this app please read the article here

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