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Emojis and Improvements

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Emojis

(Launch Date: 9/20)

Improve how you communicate with your customers with the help of emojis! 92% of the online population use emojis. Now you can too within your Thryv Inbox and Client Portal.

Easily add emojis to a conversation within your Thryv Inbox or Client Portal by clicking the emoji icon in the dialogue box.

Make your interactions fun and engaging and align with how your customers communicate online with Thryv’s new emojis!

To read more about the Inbox and this feature read this article here.

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Emojis menu in conversation

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Emojis menu on Client Portal

2. New Share Document Dialog

(Launch Date: 9/20)

With this update, you will now select between ‘Share Document’ and ‘Add Internal Document’ from within the dropdown.

  • Users will have the ability to share/add both existing documents and newly updated all at once

  • Add Internal Documents is now a separate action 

Easily distinguish the difference between Shared and Internal Only documents with separate actions within Thryv.

To learn about how to Share a document with a client click here.

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Two separate options to share or add internal

Request a Number in Business Info

New dialog design to match rest of software


Here are a few cool new improvements we have releases this week or coming soon up help you use Thryv efficiently. 

1. Drag and Drip Line Items in Invoices and Estimates

(Launch Date: 9/20)

As part of the Invoice and Estimates Enhancement project, clients will be able to easily drag, drop, edit, and delete line items from their invoices and estimates. 

  • On Desktop, when hovering over an item, you can select between Edit and Delete on the right or Drag on the left

  • On Mobile, the Drag & Drop option will always be displayed

  • Drag & Drop functionality will apply to all line items and headers

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hover over an item to edit, delete or drag

2. Thryv Mobile App Update
(Launch Date: September)

Be on the lookout for the new and improved Thryv Mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. This update will offer users:

  • Overall performance improvements, faster start-up time, minimal memory consumption, and better support for new devices

  • Opening of external links in external browsers

  • Fixed app icons for older devices and fixed status bar color when device is in Dark Mode

Available for iOS and Android 

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New Mobile App Update

App Market

Our App Market is continuously growing and improving. Here are a few changes and insights on what applications are live or coming soon.  

1.Fora Financial 

(Launch Date: 9/15)

Partnership: Fora Financial provides personalized offers to help meet your financial goals.

No personal or business collateral required.

Unrestricted use of funds, deposited directly to your business bank account

US-based support team to help you throughout the process

To learn all about this app click here.

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Fora Financial in App Market

Thryv Version 5.11.8

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