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Multi-Staff Appointments and Enhancements

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Multiple Staff Appointments 
(Launch Date: 5/11)

Staff management and team collaboration just got elevated with the ability to assign multiple staff to the same appointment. 

Add additional staff members to an appointment as a collaborator, in addition to primary staff. Added staff will see the appointment on their calendar, receive notifications and can add notes. Limited to single appointments only, not events or recurring appointments.

This is a big feature request from businesses! Regardless of your vertical, many service businesses need multiple staff on the same job such as roofers, landscapers, HVAC, cleaning, childcare, dentists, catering, wedding services... just to name a few!

To learn more about this feature read the article here

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Adding multiple staff on an appointment


Here are a few cool new improvements we have releases this week or coming soon up help you use Thryv efficiently. 

1. Document Preview Enhancement 
(Launch Date: 5/1)

Documents is an important part of getting new jobs, projects and contracts. Thryv makes the document process easier with a secure and easy way to preview, store and share.

We’ve added an enhancement to documents, expanding our document preview functionality to now support DOCX files. This is supported inside Thryv and the Client Portal.

The ability to easily preview documents, now including a widely used file type for the business and the customer. 

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Document Preview now supporting Docx files

2. Package Enhancement 
(Launch Date: 5/16)

Expanding visibility for staff user roles related to Packages.

We added the ability for staff user roles to be able to see package information and details related to your jobs and projects. Package details are front and center within the CRM contact details for easy access under Activity Highlights.

This enhancement gives staff more insights into jobs and projects, which ultimately helps them provide a better client experience when communicating with customers.

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Package details available for User staff roles

Thryv Version 5.10.6

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