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Feedback and Enhanced Accessibility

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Share Your Feedback
(Launch Date: 5/4)

Here at Thryv, we take product feedback extremely seriously. We believe that listening to our Thryv users and collaborating on ways to improve the software is the best way to build a better product. Thryv Feedback is a feature that will allow you to submit your ideas on how to improve the Thryv software. We will use your feedback to identify the essential requests, insights, pain points, and opportunities about Thryv. This way you can get more value from our product as efficiently as possible. 
You can access Feedback in the Support Center (the round orange icon on the bottom right corner inside your Thryv account) under the section called "Share Your Feedback." You will be able to submit a request, see what new features have launched recently, have access to your requests and, ones suggested by other Thryv users.

  • When submitting requests, you will be able to describe what you are wanting and explain a workaround that you currently use if you have one. You will need to select how urgent this request is to you on a sliding scale. If you have more than one suggestion, this will help us track which is the most important to least important to you. 

  • We encourage you to not only request your features or improvements but to look at the list of suggestions from other users. When going through that list, you can vote on it, whether you want that feature or you are not interested in it. This will help us tremendously on how to prioritize certain features. 

  • All requests will be reviewed and set to awaiting feedback status to allow other people to vote. Our Product Team will hold occurring meetings to go over these requests. If we decide to build a feature, whoever requested it, or that voted on the feature, will get an email notification on the status. We will let you know when a feature request is being built, when it is released for you to use, or when we are not able to accommodate that request. 

  • The Thryv Feedback portal always has the most up-to-date information about Thryv and what features are coming next. To read more details about Feedback, please read the article here. 

Request a Number in Business Info

Share Your Feedback inside of Resources & Support Center

Request a Number in Business Info

Submit a Request and see What's New with Thryv

Request a Number in Business Info

See your Priorities and ones Suggested by Others

Request a Number in Business Info

Form to Submit a Request

Request a Number in Business Info

If you hit the expand button below the "Share Your Feedback" title, a full dashboard will pop up in another tab. This will show all the same information, just in a bigger window to access easier than the Support Center.

2. Enhanced Accessibility
(Launch Date: 5/4)

Thryv Enhanced Accessibility will enable an accessibility ToolKit on all new Thryv websites in accordance with a growing number of state and local laws enforcing various accessibility standards. There are no national ADA standards for websites. Still, state by state laws are being passed, such as California, that require specific accessibility features be available on every website. These laws can also affect you even if your business is not located in California, but you service someone that lives in California. In 2019, over 2,200 lawsuits were filed in federal courts regarding accessibility issues regarding websites. Five Thryv clients over the last five months encountered legal action, and we proactively added the ToolKit on their site. 
 This accessibility ToolKit helps your customers or potential customers to navigate through your website easily. Users will be able to click on a little blue icon on the bottom right corner of your website to make the ToolKit appear to help them use your website at any time. 

  • Any new Thryv account with a website will be getting the Accessibility ToolKit added to their website starting on May 4th. 

  • Also, starting on May 4th, there will be an Enhanced Accessibility add-on for $49/monthly for any Thrvy account who purchases a website. This will include the ToolKit as well as ongoing managed services to the website to update your website code after every website update that is published to maintain compliance and indemnification protection, via our third-party partner AudioEye, for up to $1,000 in legal costs to defend against any accessibility claims that may arise.

  • To read more details about Enhanced Accessibility, please read our FAQ article about it here

Request a Number in Business Info

Website with the Accessibility toolkit in the bottom right corner (the round blue icon)

Request a Number in Business Info

Once the icon is clicked you will see the accessibility toolkit expand.

Request a Number in Business Info

Tools on the toolkit to help users navigate the website.


Here are a few cool new improvements we have released this week or coming soon to help our customers use Thryv efficiently.

1. Elastic Search

We added a new search feature to allow for easier search and selections of sales items on invoices and estimates. If an item does not exist when you start typing the item in on an invoice or estimate, you will now see the option to "Create New." When clicking this, you will be able to create and save a new item to reuse.  

Bulk Remove Tags
Bulk Remove Tags

2. Import Client Wizard

We have added a new import client wizard to accounts with less than five clients in their list to drive you to utilize the marketing tools better that Thryv offers. These users will receive a suggestion to import their clients before sending an announcement of activating an automated campaign. 
This pop up will show up when you first click on the Automated Campaign section inside Thryv or the Announcement section before sending an announcement. There will be two options to choose from: "add my client list first" or "try sending an announcement."

  • If you select the option to add clients first, then the import client wizard will be prompted to guide you through importing your client list. Once the wizard is complete or canceled, you will be routed back to send an announcement or activate an automated campaign page.

  • If you select the try sending an announcement option, then the marketing wizard will be prompted to guide you through sending a test automated campaign or announcement.

  • If you click the X to close out the pop-up, you will continue with the section regularly.  

The import clients wizard will also be activated when clicking on send an announcement or activate campaign buttons. Clicking one of these buttons will prompt a pop-up to ask you to add your client list first. You will have the option to go through the import guide or skip it. 

Bulk Remove Tags

Pop up on Automated Campaign and Announcement pages

Bulk Remove Tags

Add my client list first button goes to the Import client wizard

Bulk Remove Tags

Try sending an announcement button goes to sending a test campaign. 

Bulk Remove Tags

Add client list pop up when activating a campaign or sending an announcement

App Market:

Our App Market is continuously growing and improving. Here are a few changes and insights on what applications are coming soon.

1. Sharables for Hire (Launch Date: 4/14)
Use ShareAble for Hires to run pre-employment screening in minutes. These pre-employment background checks include a National Criminal Report, Detailed Credit Report, and an Identity Report. 

  • This app is not an integration into Thryv but a service for you to use. If you use the link through the App Market,you will be prompted to create an account, and you will get a discount off your first screening.

  • Thryv clients get $5 off their first screening till the end of June with promo code Thryv5Off

  • For more information, visit the App Market section inside of your Thryv account. 

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2. Indeed (Launch Date: 4/14) This app is not an integration into Thryv but a service for you to use. If you use the link through the App Market, you will receive a $200 Sponsored Job credit to help your posted jobs get seen when they create an account.Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month. Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Every day, we connect millions of people to new opportunities.

  • For more information, visit the App Market section inside of your Thryv account. 

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3. Clover (Coming Soon) If you are currently using Clover to take payments, you can still use Thryv too! With this app, you can integrate your information from Clover into your Thryv account. 

  • Initially, import current customers and payments from Clover to Thryv

  • Ongoing, create a Thryv payment and a client with each new Clover payment for any client that does not already exist in your Thryv CRM

  • Ongoing, create a Thryv payment with each new Clover payment for any existing client in your Thryv CRM

Once this is launched, we will have an in-depth article to read more about the app and integration. 

4. Mailchimp (Coming Soon) 

Mailchimp us a marketing platform that helps you manage your clients and how to talk to them using campaigns and data analysis. 

Thryv works with Mailchimp to provide seamless two-way sync of your contacts to keep everything organized to use both platforms.

  • Sync current contacts from Thryv to Mailchimp

  • Sync current contacts from Mailchimp to Thryv

  • Set an ongoing sync from Thryv to Mailchimp

  • Sync First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Birthday

Once this is launched, we will have an in-depth article to read more about the app and integration. 

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