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Card on File and App Market

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Card on File
(Launch Date: Week of 4/13)

You will now have the ability to have a credit card vault inside of Thryv. A credit card vault is a tool that stores client credit card numbers securely. This is great for businesses that have a significant amount of returning clients. You only need to collect the credit card details from the client once and store them in the vault. The next time you want to charge the client, the stored card can be used. On the clients' end they are happy not having to enter their credit card information over multiple times, which makes checkouts faster and easier. Note: This launch does not include recurring payments. That functionality will be coming later this year.

  • Keeping a card on file makes payments from returning clients easier since you already have their credit card information. Given the credit card details, you can also offer partial payments and payment plans, which makes paying even more convenient and less intimidating. 

  • Charging clients becomes faster simply because you already have all the required information.

  • Clients can use their stored credit cards to pay for all types of transactions through Thryv including online appointments and invoices. Currently this feature does not work with Mobile QuickPay.

  • Any sensitive card data is encrypted and stored on the payment processor's secure servers. 

  • If a client asks to make changes on their payment methods, this can all be done by the business in Thryv under the client card. There will be a new area under Payments in the client card dedicated to this. You will be able to edit, remove, or make any of their cards a "default" card. That way whenever, the client goes to make a payment, that is the card they see to use. 

  • When a client goes to make a payment, and they have credit cards saved on their account, they will see that they can pay using one of their credit cards on file, or choose to pay with another debit or credit card. 

  • After a client makes a payment, they receive an email with the payment details, at the bottom of the email it will now include a notification about the card on file. It will let the client know, "Your Visa 0000 is saved on file to be used to future payments."

Request a Number in Business Info

During a charge, the business can save the client details.

Request a Number in Business Info

On the next charge, the business is offered to use any of the saved credit cards for that client.

Request a Number in Business Info

A new section on the client card (under Payments) will be dedicated to the payment methods on file. 

Request a Number in Business Info

When clicking on "Add card" a dedicated dialog opens with mandatory card details to fill in.

Request a Number in Business Info

After a card is stored on a file, this will make purchasing easier for the end customer online as it will prompt them to choose from a stored card on file.


Here are a few cool new improvements we have released this week or coming soon to help our customers use Thryv efficiently.

1. Idea Bank (COVID-19 Resource Center)

To assist our Thryv users in these difficult times, we have created an idea bank of email templates and online options for how to best serve and communicate with your clients while we are all feeling the effects of the COVID-19 impact.To access this article, click here.

  • When you look through the article, you can see multiple business verticals at the top. Click on one and see if any of our ideas would work for your business.  

  • If you find one that interests you, you can implement the changes yourself with our helpful how-to articles that are linked, or you can contact our Thryv Support team, which is available 24/7 to assist you. 

  • We will be adding more verticals and more templates to this idea bank, so make sure to keep checking back in the article. 

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2. Business Success Stories (COVID-19 Resource Center)To assist our Thryv users in these difficult times, we have created multiple success stories that explain how other Thryv businesses have been adapting to this COVID-19 impact.To access these articles, click here.

  • Each article is a new business, a new vertical, and an original idea. Go through and look at these articles to get ideas on how you can change some of the things you do today to help be successful. 

  • We are adding new success stories every day, so keep checking the list to see if it can help your business.

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App Market:

Our App Market is continuously growing and improving. Here are a few changes and insights on what applications are coming soon.

1. Zoom (Launch Date: 3/26)
In an effort to help businesses during the COVID-19 times, we have added a Zoom app in the App Market to help bring your business online. This app will allow you to sign up for a FREE Zoom account if you do not already have one. This does not integrate into Thryv, but you can use your Zoom account to have online meetings or events for your business during this time. You can use Zoom appointments with Thryv by making an appointment, changing the type to "Online," and adding the Zoom link in the instructions field. 

Import Client Data in Setup Wizard

2. Shopify (Coming Soon) Use the Shopify App for Thryv to sync client purchases with Thryv. Thryv works with Shopify to create a new client or update an existing one with a payment with each new order. This App requires a Shopify account.This application will:

  • Initially, import current customers and payments from Shopify into Thryv.

  • Ongoing, create a Thryv payment and a client with each order for any client that does not already exist in your Thryv CRM.

  • Ongoing, create a Thryv payment with each order for any existing client in your Thryv CRM.

To learn more, go to the App Market inside of your Thryv account. 

3. JotForm (Launch Date: Week of 4/10)

Thryv works with JotForm to provide customizable forms that will sync form data with your contacts. The Thryv JotForm integration provides a simple way to add leads and contacts to your Thryv account. With JotForm, you can create a custom form to collect user information and automatically send the data directly to your Thryv account. JotForm account is required. 

This application will:

  • Capture new leads

  • Add contacts to your client list

  • Keep existing clients up to date

To learn more, go to the App Market inside of your Thryv account. 

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