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Text Enabled Number and Remove Tags

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Request a Text Enabled Number

(Launch Date: 12/9)

When a client is trying to use the text-enabled phone number feature and either their landline number does not work, or they do not have a landline number, they can now request a number. This request will attempt to create a number for them, in their area code, that will allow them to use the landline text feature within Thryv.

  • Once the number is created and registered, they will get an inbox message within Thryv, letting them know it is ready.

  • This number is the clients to use while they are a Thryv customer. If they cancel, they do not get to keep it.

Request a Number in Business Info

Request a Number in Business Info

Pop up to Request a Number

Pop up to Request a Number

Pop up Second Step

Pop up Second Step


Here are a few cool new improvements we have released this week to help our customers use Thryv efficiently.

1. Bulk Remove Tags

Users are now able to remove multiple tags from multiple clients in bulk. When selecting more than one client from the client list, system users will be able to add and remove tags for all selected clients with a single click.

Bulk Remove Tags

2. Import Client Data in Setup Wizard

New users that have an existing Square account can now import all their clients and payment data to auto-fill the Thryv platform with their businessinformation. This option is now available under the “Import Clients” wizard, which is now named “Import client data.”

Import Client Data in Setup Wizard

App Market:

Our App Market is continuously growing and improving. Here are a few changes and insights on what applications are coming soon.

1. My AccountThis application will automatically be active for all Thryv accounts. It will allow clients to update their billing info, view their past invoices, and upgrade their plan.

2. IndeedThe Indeed app will allow clients to post job postings on their website, and if they sign up through Thryv, they get a $150.00 for job postings for free.

3. TransUnionThis app will give our clients the ability to run credit and criminal background checks on potential employees.

4. Yext AdvancedThis application will have all available fields from the Yext Dashboard to edit or update at any time along with more in-depth reporting.

5. Jot FormClients will be able to use Jot Form to create custom forms based on their business and have it sync with the Thryv CRM.

Bug Fixes:

Mistakes happen with technology, and that is okay. When we encounter a global bug issue, we want to update you to know that we are on top of it and resolved it.Here are the most recent fixes:

  • The issue with not being able to edit an Invoice with Partial Payments is now fixed.

  • You can now upload images for a social post on the Mobile App for Android.

  • There was an issue with uploading contacts and them duplicating. That is now fixed.

Thryv Version 4.3.4

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