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Marketplace, Business Center, Command Center, and ThryvPay Enhancements

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Marketplace: Copper CRM Integration

(Launch Date: 05/08)

Gain a detailed  view of your customers and sales pipeline by automatically syncing your business contacts and estimates between Thryv and Copper.

Leverage the automatic two-way contact sync to keep your customer data updated across both platforms, eliminating manual entry and ensuring data accuracy. 

  • Save valuable time with automated and instant contact syncing, allowing you to focus on income-generating activities.

  • Identify high-value prospects and opportunities with Copper's lead scoring and forecasting, then send targeted email and SMS campaigns through Thryv.

  • Utilize Thryv’s tools for scheduling and invoicing with Copper’s CRM lead tracking capabilities to efficiently manage your customer base.

2. Business Center Calendar Improved Service Selection

(Launch Date: 05/14)

In response to user feedback, we've upgraded the appointment booking process by prioritizing service selection upfront. Now, choosing your desired service is the first step, making scheduling a breeze. Enjoy quicker bookings tailored just for you, for a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

3. Command Center Mobile Push Notifications

(Launch Date: 05/29)

Mobile push notifications for all channels are now available for all accounts! 

  • Mobile push notifications for Inbox channels include a preview of the message and link to it in-app when tapped – be sure to try it out!

  • In the initial release, Push Notification preferences must be managed from device settings, and cannot be changed in-app. In-app Notification preferences are planned for June.

Command Center users are now notified of new messages, allowing them to respond to their leads and clients immediately! 

 4. ThryvPay Business Verification

(Launch Date: 05/30)

Merchants may be required to provide additional business verification documents after onboarding. If prompted, they may fulfill this requirement by visiting ThryvPay settings and following the directed prompts

  • This enhancement allows merchants to self-manage their unfilled identity verification requirements.

  • Every country that ThryvPay is offered has their own requirements. ThryvPay will automatically provide a list of requirements to merchants that are specific to their country code of business.

Merchants will no longer need to work with support to fulfill their missing business document requirements.


 5. Google Contacts

(Launch Date: 06/05)

Google Contacts allows Users to access, manage and organize contact information via the Cloud while integrating with other Google services and apps. This enhancement allows merchants to self-manage their unfilled identity verification requirements. Integrating Thryv + Google Contacts allows Thryv Business Center Users the ability to streamline their CRM and communication processes while building a robust Client base.

  • Seamlessly syncs current and future contacts between Thryv and Google Contacts eliminating manual input and minimizing mistakes.

  • Extensive configuration capabilities allow for the synchronization of general contact details as well as custom fields.

  • Users receive insight into completed synchronizations, prompt error identification and full edit capabilities of the data being exchanged.

Syncing Google Contacts with Thryv Business Center affords a centralized Client database with a comprehensive view of all Client interactions, engagement activities and more. Here is an article if you would like to learn more!

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