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AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Redesigned ThryvAI Ad Builder

(Launch Date: 11/30)

We're excited to announce the launch of our new ThryvAI Ad Builder for campaigns! ​

​While users previously had to craft their own copy, now they can effortlessly experience the convenience of ThryvAI to auto-generated ad copy for Search and Social platforms based on their website. ​

​Plus, users can now edit & customize the generated ad copy, ensuring it aligns perfectly with their needs and resonates with their target audience, offering the best of both worlds in effortless ad creation.


  • Quickly review ad copy by category for Search & Social channels

  • Effortlessly switch from desktop to mobile preview 

  • Enhance ad relevance through copy editing 

Ad Preview Details

  • We're excited to share the debut of our latest Ad Preview feature, in collaboration with the ThryvAI Ad builder! ​

  • ​This exciting update enables users to easily preview their ads, including both desktop and mobile versions, after launching campaigns. ​

  • ​Now, users can conveniently assess previews of their ads on diverse platforms such as Search, Social, and Display. This enhancement serves as a valuable tool for users to guarantee the visual and strategic consistency of their campaigns across various channels.

Social Ads Details

  • Custom CTA​

  • Quickly edit Primary Text, Headline, and Description

  • Preview Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Utilize category-driven images, and easily edit or upload your own  

Search Ads Details

  • Quickly Edit Headlines & Descriptions

  • Add Additional Headlines or Descriptions

  • Switch from desktop to mobile ad preview effortlessly

Display and CTV Details

  • Custom CTA

  • Submit up to 5 images for Display and CTV ads

2. Thryv User Community at Learn.Thryv.Com

(Launch Date: 12/5)

A forum style user community where all users can post their questions, use cases, and best practices!​

Users can network with each other, and our Thryv team, to learn how to get the most from our solutions​.

Users can also log in to the community with their Thryv login, so no need to create any additional credentials!

Join the community and start using today by clicking here

3. Daily Digest & Summary Emails

(Launch Date: 12/06)

Introducing Daily Digest and Summary emails for the Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Jotform integrations.

The Daily Digest email is generated for enabled on-going syncs (ex: Jotform to Thryv) while the Summary email is generated for enabled one-time syncs (ex: Import of Mailchimp Contacts to Thryv).

These emails will provide Thryv Clients the following information:

  • Total records found

  • Records which successfully synced

  • The number of records which failed to sync

  • The email address is provided for records which failed to sync and ​guidance to most frequent scenarios

  • Support Contact details are provided when needing assistance

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