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Marketing Center Google Profile and Listings Updates

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

1. Marketing Center Google Profile

(Launch Date: 2/7)

We are thrilled to announce the integration of the Google Profile page into Marketing Center, accessible through the Listings Manager. ​


  • Enhanced User Experience: Command Center/Marketing Center users can manage and update their Google Profile directly in Marketing Center

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Manage all your business information in one place

  • Seamless Integration: Access the Google Profile page directly from the Listings Manager within Marketing Center, eliminating the need to switch between platforms (Business Center/Marketing Center users).

Problem Solved

This enhancement will provide a centralized solution for users to manage their Google Business Profile listings seamlessly.​

2. Marketing Center Enhanced Profile & Listings Updates ​​

(Launch Date: 2/7)

We're excited to introduce several enhancements to Enhanced Profiles and the Listings Manager! Users now have the flexibility to decide whether they want to assign call tracking numbers to Nextdoor and Yahoo, just like they can for YP and Yelp. ​

​Additionally, we've implemented an improvement that allows users to view call tracking numbers exclusively when call tracking is enabled, streamlining the overall experience.


  • Enhanced Customization: Users now have the option to decide whether they wish to assign a Call Tracking Number to their Yahoo and Nextdoor profiles.

  • Improved User Experience: Enhanced Profile CTNs will be visible only when enabled, ensuring a more intuitive experience and minimizing potential confusion. 

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