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Marketing Center Campaigns and Settings Update and Typeform App Enhancement

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Marketing Center Landing Page Domain Update

(Launch Date: 12/7)

We are excited to share some exciting enhancements to the Quick Setup and the provisioning of landing page domains!​

This update is designed to simplify the Quick setup process and elevate the overall user experience. ​

Previously, users were required to provision the landing page domain as part of Quick Setup, even if they had no intention of launching a campaign. With the latest improvement, the domain will now be provisioned during the initial campaign launch process.

+ Simplified onboarding experience with one less step, making it easier for users to get started and navigate through the platform effortlessly​

Users are no longer required to set up a landing page domain until they decide that they want to launch a campaign.​

2. Marketing Center Settings Page

(Launch Date: 12/21)

We are excited to introduce the addition of a Settings page to Marketing Center. With this exciting new feature, users now have the capability to manage their preferences, enabling them to update their campaign categories, specify their destination number for call tracking associated with campaigns and listing, and choose if they want call recording.​

+ Improved Campaign Targeting: Update business categories to tailor campaigns to reach specific audiences with greater precision.​

+ Greater Control Over Call Recording: Choose whether or not to activate call recording for call tracking numbers. ​

+ Enhanced Call Tracking: Update destination numbers for Listings and Campaigns ​

+ No more support tickets:  Manage your campaigns and preferences from a single location in real-time without reaching out to support​

3. Enhanced Typeform Integration

(Launch Date: 12/11)

Typeform is an easy, intuitive tool for creating forms, surveys and quizzes. ​

We’ve updated our Typeform and Thryv integration delivering the following new features:   ​

  • Ability to sync and configure both Contact and Client fields​ captured within a Thryv Clients account​

  • Interactive UI/UX allows our Clients to see the data which will sync​ while mapping the fields to be exchanged​

  • Real time data providing the time and date in which the sync ran​ for the integration and any issues encountered

Problem Solved

Incorporating the ability to sync Client fields allows a broader range of information to sync between the applications resulting in a comprehensive contact entry for communications and much more​

*Current Users of the Typeform integration will need to re-install the integration by January 8th . By doing so, their forms will continue to sync and create contacts while receiving the new features the integration offers.​

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