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AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Marketing Center New AI Resource Center 

(Launch Date: 03/15)

We've already launched the new and improved Resource Center for our users of Command Center and now it is live in Marketing Center! This gives users access to all the same information with the added ability of AI to help them get the answers they are looking for. 


  • New Help button driving users to self-service support specifically for MC

  • Uses AI to help with contextual searches ​

  • Nudges users in the right direction with help articles from ​

  • Integrates with release notes, status page, and chat functionality  ​

2. Increasing Listings for Canadian Customers on Plus and Pro Plans

**For CA user on Marketing Center and Business Center

(Launch Date: 03/20)

We're thrilled to share that we're expanding our listing offerings for Canadian customers!

Pro customers will now enjoy a substantial increase from 12 to 54 listings on some of the most popular listing sites. ​

  • Some of the most popular ones added are:

3. Business Center Caller ID Android

(Launch Date: 03/21)

We are adding the option to enable Caller ID for Android users. When a customer calls a Business Center staff member, the app will automatically identify them as a contact in Thryv.

This upgrade will make it easier for staff members to offer personalized and efficient customer service. Plus, they won't need to save business contacts on their personal devices anymore.​

  • Easily identify incoming calls as contacts in the CRM.​

  • Improve customer service by quickly accessing contact details during phone calls.​

Identifying incoming calls as business calls allows staff members to engage the call appropriately and Staff members will no longer need to save business contacts on their private devices, ensuring privacy and security.​

4. Business Center View Improvement ​​

(Launch Date: 03/21)

We are happy to release a small user experience improvement but with a HUGE impact.​

We made two changes in the view all/only me toggle:

  • We changed the verbiage to be clearer: Team view/My view (Instead of view all/only me).​

  • The default view is set to be Team view on every page refresh or if the session ends.

5. ThryvPay Self-managed ID Verification (Mobile) ​​​

(Launch Date: 03/20)

Some businesses may be requested to submit required identity verification updates. ThryvPay allows users to manage these requirements via the application. The desktop application was launched last week. The mobile application share the same capabilities. ​

  • Your will be automatically notified of missing ID requirements by email and via the ThryvPay application upon login. (See image)​

  • Your will be able to self-manage all missing identification requirements in the ThryvPay mobile application. This includes document uploads or information updates. ​

  • Document uploads will be managed through the Business Information menu item. ​

  • You will automatically be notified of missing requirements.

6. ThryvPay Updating Business Details​​​​

(Launch Date: 03/20)

You are now able to update your statement descriptors and business URLs within ThryvPay.

  • Statement descriptors are found at the bottom of the Payment Settings page. ThryvPay determines if the statement descriptor reflects the merchant's Doing Business As Name (DBA), URL, or Legal Entity Name. The algorithm will accept exact matches, most acronyms, most matching words, and most substrings.​

  • The business URL can be found on the Business Details section of the Business Information tab. Merchants will have the ability to edit their URL information. URLs are  required for any business using a website, app, social media page, or online profile to sell products or services. The merchant's URL:​

    • Cannot be the URL for a generic or well-known business website (e.g.​

    • Must be reachable (accessible).​

    • Required to match any business information on the website to the details provided to ThryvPay.

7. Command Center Bulk Edit​​​​

(Launch Date: 03/20)

Our users’ most popular request, bulk edit, is a customer win and allows Command Center users to more effectively manage their Inbox​

Command Center users can select more than one conversation at a time and then take actions on all selected conversations

  • Actions include:​

      -Mark as unread, Completed, or Spam​

      -Pin ​

      -Move to trash​

      -Select All 

This time saving feature is much faster and will save our Command Center users tons of time!​

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