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Command Center and Business Center Enhancements

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Command Center Webchat Mobile Notifications

(Launch Date: 1/24)

Mobile app users who receive a webchat message will get a push notification on their mobile device immediately letting them know they’ve received a webchat message​


  • Instant notification means users can respond right away​

  • Visible and audible notification makes it hard to miss​

2. Command Center and Business Center Sync Improvements

(Launch Date: 1/24)

Appointments and Invoices sent via Business Center will appear in the Command Center conversation​.

Contacts from form fills, and Thryv Leads will appear in Command Center as Conversations. Lead injections will appear as messages​.

Messages sent from Business Center now appear immediately in the Command Center Inbox. No more refreshing required to see them!


  • Better transparency and consistency across both Centers​

  • Users are notified of new leads as they come in​

3. Business Center Documents Link

(Launch Date: 1/30)

As part of the document security project, we have enhanced the ‘Grab link’ experience. The UI will now show 'Copy Public Link' instead of grab link. This clarifies the action's purpose, reducing ambiguity by explicitly indicating that the link being copied is public and shareable. ​


  • Clearer Terminology

  • Enhanced Security Awareness ​

Problem Solved!

This update enhances security awareness by making it clear that the link is accessible to anyone who has it, encouraging users to be more cautious when sharing sensitive information. ​

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