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AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. New Social

(Launch Date: 02/08)

We have launched a totally reimagined and redesigned social interface that is both easier to use and more powerful.

Benefits of the new experience

  • More options for social account connections; YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. ​More connections for you to build and engage with your audience

  • Enabling accounts to link multiples of the same social platform, for example two Facebook accounts. ​

  • Eliminating the previous restriction of 5 active social platform connections. As an Unlimited subscriber, you now enjoy an Unlimited number of platform connections. Plus users will enjoy 5 connections, Pro users will enjoy 10 connections. ​

  • An all new ThryvAI powered content generator. Simply prompt the system to write a social post about “xyz”, and it does it for you with hashtags, and emojis included. ​

  • Access to a library of thousands of royalty free images, powered by Pexels. 

  • More detailed analytics so you can see how your posts are performing, right down to the hashtags used!

Get started with learning this new experience by visiting our learning center here

We’ve added a brand new section to the support center for all articles covering this new Social experience.

**Users that are still using the Old Social will still be able to do so until April 23rd

2. Marketing Center Redesigned Trackable Phone numbers​​

(Launch Date: 02/21)

We are delighted to introduce a significant update to our Trackable Phone Numbers page. ​

The enhanced page ensures a more user-friendly experience and provides comprehensive call metrics. 

  • Improved user experience 

  • Instant Call Tracking Insights

  • Quick Access to Call Recordings

  • Intuitive illustration at the top of the page to of how to generate and use a call tracking number.​

  • Quickly create a new call tracking number​ by clicking "add new" button.

  • Monitor call performance across all call tracking campaigns on a single screen.​

  • Quickly listen to calls and manage call tracking number ​with the phone icon on the right side.

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