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Business Center, Command Center, and Signature Improvements

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Business Center Message Notifications

(Launch Date: 04/24)

We are enabling message type notifications for 5.0 clients so users can be notified when a new message is sent to them from a client. Our users can tailor their notification preferences according to their individual needs in Business Center Notification settings.

Message types that will be included in this release

  • New Client Portal Form Submission

  • New Contact Form Submission

  • New Message Received

Clients can seamlessly stay informed and connected by receiving timely alerts and updates within the platform. 5.0 clients have greater control over their communications which enables for quick responses and fosters better engagement.

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2. Command Center Custom Voicemail Greeting

(Launch Date: 05/01)

Command Center users can record their own custom voicemail greetings.

  • In Command Center Settings under the Calls menu users can record a custom voicemail greeting to be played for a users' client if they miss their call.

  • Choose to replace it with a new voicemail greeting at any time

Command Center subscribers are able to customize their own voicemail greeting to be specific to their business/ individual needs.

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3. Signature App Update

(Launch Date: 05/02)

Introducing a simple, yet impactful, change to streamline the process of uploading and editing documents of our Signature feature.

You can now fill out request information, recipient details and save or favorite a new template in one screen. This will result in reduced number of clicks and a lower barrier to entry for users to easily reach the document editing portion.

  • Simplified the document upload process, making it quicker and more intuitive to add files to your account.

This update is designed to empower our clients to manage their documents effectively wile save time and effort.

To get started with Signatures App, click here

Click here to learn how to send documents to your clients for signatures, as well as sign them yourself!


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