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Business Center and ThryvPay Improvements

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Business Center Desktop Layout Improvements

(Launch Date: 03/26)

We are enhancing the layout of the Business Center Desktop navigation & improving the global search function.

This enhancement keeps the sub-menus open after selection, reducing the need for multiple clicks and enhancing navigation efficiency.

Additionally, the enhanced search function now recognizes full names in a single search, greatly improving accuracy in identifying specific clients, especially those with common first names. This leads to more precise search results and streamlined client management.​


  • Enhanced Navigation Efficiency​

  • Improved Global Search Accuracy

We are reducing the number of clicks users must make to navigate between multiple tabs on the desktop view and increasing the accuracy of the global search feature.  

2. ThryvPay ID Document Status Check​​​

(Live in Prod)

Existing ThryvPay merchants that are required to submit additional owner/officer identification documents can now check the status of their  document submissions. ​

Documents submitted by merchants will undergo review for up to 24 hours. Users will be notified on the owner/officer section of ThrvyPay Settings about the status of their document submission. The statuses are as follows:​

  • Under Review​

  • Verified ​

Once a user's ID documents have been submitted and verified, the merchant user will no longer receive alerts regarding their unfulfilled requirements. ​

​Document status feature is available on both desktop and mobile application of ThryvPay.

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