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Business Center and Command Center Enhancements

AUTHOR: The Thryv Product Releases Team

What’s New?

1. Business Center AI Service Description

(Launch Date: 05/025)

Introducing the new service description AI helper that allows Business Center users to easily create professional, customized AI-powered service description tailored to their specific business category.

  • Generate new service description text: With a click of the button, clients can generate comprehensive and engaging service descriptions based on best practices.

  • Edit service description text: Users can use pre-defined edit options to improve service descriptions of new or existing descriptions, such as making the text shorter or longer, or changing the text tone to some more friendly or professional.

  • Give custom instructions: With a click of the button, Business Center users can tell the AI what to write and edit in the service description.

Remove the hassle of word-smithing service descriptions. Let AI do it for you!


2. Notifications + Preferences

(Launch Date: 06/27)

Mobile push notifications and preferences for Notifications within the Command Center app have been released for all users.

  • Mobile push notifications for Inbox channels include a preview of the message and link to it in-app when tapped - this has been released for employee accounts, so be sure to try it out!

  • Command Center users will have the option to set up Notifications to Do No Disturb, as well as to toggle Desktop and Mobile preferences

Command Center users will be able to receive mobile push notifications and customize their Notification preferences with easy to update settings.


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